Traveling for Tuppence

2,532.2km’s covered,

over 5 countries,

on 3 continents,

staying in over 10 hotel rooms

These kilometer’s have taken me to some extraordinary places, cultures, people and experiences.

Within the last month I have had the most amazing opportunity to travel with my job. Some may say this is a blessing, but being in such a fast paced world where people are accessible no matter where their geographical location I would call it more learning on the go! Nonetheless this has been an incredible opportunity to see and experience being a professional that is able to travel with work and bring what I have learned back into our operation. I find after being abroad that everything becomes a little clearer and simpler. Also the face that once you get the bug, you begin looking for your next trip!!

In April I visited customers in Hong Kong, TVisiting clients in Asiaaiwan and Singapore. All of which have taught me something new about Australia and the way in which people abroad love and search for our agricultural produce. It is about food safety and scares that push purchasing decisions compared to the luxury we have of preference and price. However the way in which they use our products continue to amaze me infusing them into local meals and traditional dishes that you can still taste hints of home.

In the midst of my two overseas adventures I also managed to graduate from university. Being the first in my family this was a very special day but also a chaotic one!

In a whirl wind trip I then flew out to the United States of America, which was my first tripGolden Gate Bridge out of Asia and Australia. This was an amazing eye-opening experience to the scale and legitimacy of the powerhouse that is the US. From the sheer size of their meals, the continual impressive positive attitude and openness and the friendliness of people. Being exposed to a conference of over 8,000 people was nothing short of inspiring and invigorating, listening to people who have the sheer ability to inspire people with mere words and delivery. Bringing lessons home for myself of continual improvement and efficiency to do something more with what I have – and also the systems that we are using. Being in Silicon Valley and visiting the Technology Museum hit home of the changes that people are making globally through introducing simple elements into the lives of those who are struggling. For example in Bangladesh they use a SMS system to access market systems outside their local systems to buy anything from produce to food and clothing materials. Also using water and simple lenses to help people see who would otherwise have spent their lives blind. These experiences always make you look at everyday life and appreciate living where we do but also how could we help others to have the simple necessities that every human deserves.

US CabsIMG_7161IMG_7290Through

traveling, observing and learning whilst being on the job the ability to be able to efficiently multitask and priorities has been incredibly hard to master. But is a skill we should all use to learn more, making more opportunities to do the exhilarating and exciting things in life.

So now in the midst of living in the city I have my own little companion of the canine variety to being a taste of country to my city living apartment! There is always compromise in life, one must simply go and find it!     Singapore Quay

A litte About Me

299704_1900280751021_3258768_nAfter growing up and living in rural NSW all my life I have had what I class the best of both worlds. Not only have I been able to access education, technology and opportunity but I have also been raised in a rural setting totally absorbed with family, friends, nature and of course ponies.

I  attended my local Catholic school for the first 11 years of my education, followed by my final years 11 and 12 at a rural boarding school. I am still astonished about the amazing things I have been able to access and accomplish through these years and the support I have continuously had throughout this time.

With a passion for people, talking and technology I have found myself wanting a platform to share my experiences and perspectives with anyone who is willing to listen. Through being so inquisitive and passionate I am always seeking more accurate information and alternate views on issues and events. In writing this blog I ma hoping to shed some light on the adventures I have had but also the aspects of agriculture in region Australia that some people may never get to experience or even know about.

I have recently finished a 4 year Bachelor of Rural Science at UNE and have started my first job in Brisbane, QLD. Relocating from my home state, town and life to live in a foreign urban city landscape that is completely new territory for me.

I am a rather short little human, standing around 1.5m but can always be herd in a crowd. I love breaking norms, and trying new things and hope that you can gain an insight into my life through these posts!


Peace Out.